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The Story of Malas

Pi-Ret has always been about people – the visions, ideas, thoughts they evoke. Sometimes a single person lights a spark, which turns into a flaming new jewelry line.
Another time an idea is thrown in the air by one woman, then, picked up and complemented by another and finally it takes the shape of an original little luxury - this is how the story of Malas was born.
A sparkle-eyed lady shared her dream to wear stylish and personal “yoga jewelry”, something that would remind of the ancient prayer beads called malas.
In no time at all a wonderful coincidence opened our eyes to the beauty and glamour of handmade silk tassels.
We hung elegant silk tassels on long semi-precious stone necklaces in different colours and variations and loved the outcome!

Pi-Ret is happy to present the first 9 Malas, which are inspired by you – the open-minded, reliable, kind, confident, happy, curious, wise, sensual, ladylike, fun women.
Maybe you recognize yourself in one of them. Maybe you need a different Mala for each day of the week or – why not! – each mood you have.
We hope you shall find your favourites and enjoy their presence as much we have enjoyed creating them.

Mala beads are mysterious and magical necklaces or meditation garlands that have been worn for thousands of years. A mala is made of 108 prayer beads lined on a thread with small knots between the beads. Thus, Mala can be seen as a metaphor for life: a small knot between each of the beads represents a challenge between the smoother, more beautiful aspects of life.

If yoga and meditation aren’t really your thing, try wearing a Mala just to add an extra touch of elegance to your outfits.